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I just spent the past hour to hour and a half playing Phoenix Wright on my phone (because iTunes credit). I also scored a used Zelda game over half off retail. So yeah, it’s been a good day for video games.

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# also i had my first drink in like 2.5 months so # OBJECTION # main downside of it being on my phone is battery

It feels so weird not being on campus for freshman move-in day. It was one of the most exciting days of August for the past 4 years and now what?

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# gradprobs # not an OA # my orientation tag is being abandoned this year



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cat: [makes a small friendly noise]
me: oh my god. ohhhh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. do it again. oh my god.
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Fourth-Grade Teacher Polishing Up Speech On This Not Being Third Grade Anymore

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I get really nervous using my cool stickers for things like what if I need this sticker later I won’t have it what will I do then

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# the pressure of my growing sticker collection # it's very small but still # ...I got them for my water bottle but it's a lot of pressure

Today I pushed extra hard for distance and went home to see how far I ran.

1.99 miles.

Not 2.


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# running # why do you do this to me # but still # it's the most I've done since high school


the harsh reality of our economic situation

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I saw this I’m-not-kidding-it-was-huge spider today and now I’m certain everything moving out of the corner of my eye is a spider.

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# so people say they saw big spiders the size of a quarter # nope # it was bigger than that # and its legs weren't just wisps # nooope # and being smashed by a fire extinguisher didn't kill it # so idk # there are super spiders breeding out there or something # trust me it was big

This Amica commercial though.
Guy 1: I just need car insurance that cares about me.
Guy 2: This car insurance thing is so complicated!
Background bike guy: Hey! Try Amica!
Amica woman: Yeah! Listen to bicycle guy!

Listen to bicycle guy! He must be a real authority on car insurance!

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